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The Unisex Pocket Hat is your incredibly versatile, fits in any pocket, head warmer for sports or cold days in the city. Made from soft, breathable 200gm merino jersey, it folds really small but provides really big warmth that resists odor and bacteria so it won't itch, even when you wear it everyday.
Machine wash. Dries fast in the shade, but do not tumble dry. Exact instructions on the care label.
The merino is an ancient breed of alpine sheep. Over millions of years they evolved a superfine, highly breathable fleece to protect them from freezing winters and scorching summers.
It will do the same for you.
  • TEMP CONTROLMerino naturally keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather.
  • BREATHABLEMerino absorbs and releases vapour to prevent overheating and clamminess.
  • UV PROTECTIONMerino gives you extra protection against the sun's harmful rays, naturally.
  • NO ODORNaturally anti-bacterial, it can be worn for days without washing.

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Pocket Hat 4.7 5 65 65
Nice Light Wool Hat Fit perfectly. Light & small. Will wear durning Alaskan transition seasons. October 20, 2015
Cozy and portable Nothing helps you to stay warm on a cold commute like a warm hat. But, what to do with it in the afternoon when it's warmed up? This hat is small enough to fit in a jacket pocket and warm enough to be worn throughout the winter. A definite keeper! October 19, 2015
Not "just a pretty face" I have had to contend with having a bald head due to alopetia for the last many years. This means that maintaining a comfortable temperature in cooler weather can be a challenge. I wear a helmet when riding my horse and this little cap is perfect for most cooler weather riding. It helps keep me warm enough to be comfortable without overheating. When I generate enough warmth it is thin enough to be easily tucked into a pocket. Until I discovered Ice Breaker's little beanies it was always a chore to find a head warmer that was not too bulky and warm so I have accumulated a selection of these little gems, some reversible, meaning two layers (and wonderful, fun colors) which describes this one. Also, look for the I. B. one layer, super thin knit beanie when temps are on the warmer side. October 16, 2015
Great Hat I was looking for a compact hat that I could wear through the fall, winter, and spring while I grow my hair out. I used to wear a bandanna, and wanted something that would fit similarly, but was easier to put on and take off, that I'd also feel comfortable wearing indoors. This hat is very compact and fits very close to the head without being bulky, which is exactly what I was looking for. If I do decide to take it off, it doesn't take up much room. I have, what I believe to be, an average-sized head for a man. This hat fits me as I would expect it to. My ears stick out from my head a bit, and the first day or two my ears were a little sore from being pressed against my head; however, after adjusting for a couple days, this is no longer a problem and I can wear that hat for the whole day without discomfort. I wouldn't say that this hat is tight, it's just snug enough that it moves my ears back, just a bit, from their usual position. As the weather gets cooler, I look forward to wearing it on runs, though right now the weather in my area is still a bit warm to want to do so. October 15, 2015
A real pocket wonder I love this hat! So much so that I bought two more to give to loved ones. It folds up so small that I make it a point to have it with me. It's very warm for its small size and it covers my ears with room to spare. It's the perfect hat for San Francisco because it can be foggy in morning, sunny later in the midday and chilly and foggy as evening approaches. The hat helps get my temperature regulated the entire day. October 12, 2015
Nice hat Light weight and warm. Fits nicely in my icebreaker jacket pocket. October 5, 2015
Wide temperature range. I bought this hat as a lightweight insulating layer to hike the North Coast Trail keeping in mind that I would also use it while bowhunting. I love that it is reversible so it can be used for both activities. I didn't wear it much during the hike as we had excellent weather but I wore it all week on a recent elk hunt including one day that it rained all day. The hat kept my head nice and toasty.It's nice to be able to put a hat on when it's chilly in the morning and not have to take it off all day. I find that it is comfortable from about 20C to -10C. (It hasn't been colder than that yet.) Like all wool products I can wear the hat for the entire hunt and it doesn't smell bad. That is an important consideration when bowhunting. I think I found my new favorite hunting hat! September 29, 2015
Pocket Hat What a great hat! I wore it every night while camping and it helped keep me cozy. It's light-weight and packs small so it will be easy to take everywhere. Love it! July 2, 2015
Striped Pocket Hat The pocket hat is perfect for me. I am female with a medium sized head and long hair and was afraid that the hat wouldn't cover my ears. It does! It has a black and gray thin stripe which reverses to black, is small enough to fold up in a pocket or bag, is lightweight for travel, and warm on it's own or as a liner with a heavier hat in arctic conditions or under a bike or motorcycle helmet. I am downsizing my wardrobe and the Pocket Hat is a multi-functional keeper. June 14, 2015
Light weight / Good fit Great colors (red/blue combo), light weight, good fit (over the ears). Doesn't take up pack space or pocket space. Fits under helmet. Great colors. Fits both male and female head sizes. May 16, 2015
The Name Says It All I bought this as a gift for exactly the purpose of crushing it into a coat pocket of a friend who always "borrows" from me on our hikes together. Thanks, Icebreaker, for saving the friendship! March 29, 2015
Good hat for backup warmth This hat is a nice backup for extra warmth or as an emergency hat to carry in your pocket. On my large head the hat is quite tight though I expect it will stretch out over time. The bottom hem is rather tight and a bit uncomfortable but it may just be a bit small for me. Overall, it's a good pocket hat well worth adding to your gear. March 28, 2015
I like my Hat This hat keeps my bald head warm, no itch, very pleased. One problem: I can only wear it over my ears for a limited time as it presses my ears too tight against the arms of my glasses and my ears start to hurt. March 17, 2015
My forever accessory The greatest plus about this cap is that it can be stored in your pocket with no bulk , as if it were a tissue but always reliable for warmth and comfort. Close to me all year around. Actually my " favorite accessory" February 17, 2015
Always Outside Another great simple piece by Icebreaker! Lightweight, no smell and warm. And stylin'! February 16, 2015
Pocket hat Stripe Conservative but cool and Warm! This is the newest of my MANY Icebreaker lids. Highly recommended. I'd frankly like it .5 " shorter so it would fit like a beanie and still protects the ears. But it is my favorite wool hat and I like the style of the stripes. Icebreaker is just a terrific, progressive company with a WARM product: Wool. February 16, 2015
Just as advertised It's small, snug, warm, colorful. It does just what it should and does it well. February 16, 2015
On the Trail and on the Street The fit and function of the Pocket Hat is phenomenal. For reference of the size of my head, I wear a size 7-1/8 fitted hat. The Icebreaker Pocket Hat fits very nicely and covers my ears perfectly. It seems like my head is in the mid-size range for what the Pocket Hat will fit. The warmth to weight ratio is excellent. It is so light and comfortable, you forget you're wearing a hat. It is also thin enough to hear very well through it. Being able to hear while running roads and trails is important for safety. Great product! February 16, 2015
Great warm hat while being active I've been searching for a thin, warm hat to wear under my ski helmet, and I finally found one! Fits comfortably under my helmet, while giving me the extra warmth I was looking for. I've also started to wear it running and hiking and it's great. When it is colder out (below -10C) and I'm not doing anything active, I do prefer to wear a different hat that provides some more coverage. January 28, 2015
Well-made, too small Guys, please design a hat that will properly fit the average non-infant head. December 20, 2014
so warm When it was sunny when tramping I wore my cap, and when it was cool or raining, I wore the pocket hat under my cap - brilliant, and justs fits in the pocket. December 16, 2014
doesn't stay in place i have long curly hair, hat does not stay in place to cover ears.it is not snug enough, it seems need some lycra at the bottom. December 2, 2014
A very cool warm hat! It takes so little room in your pocket, yet it is always comfortingly there. Very comfortable and helpful when the minus C weather start coming in. Best hat I have found so far and I also wear it under a bike helmet. December 1, 2014
Ok but not great My favorite hat of all time was an icebreaker pocket hat I bought several years ago. I kept wearing it even after the new dog ate a chunk out of it. I finally lost it, and bought this hat as a replacement. Alas, it is thicker and shorter, and a bit tighter even though I have a small head. It is attractive, but I long for my old hat, which I'd take over this one even with the dog bite! November 10, 2014
Great for well a pocket cap Super lightweight. Still warm enough. Liked it for travel. November 10, 2014
Perfect Hat for Chilly Weather I wear my hair up much of the time and need a hat that will go over my hair to keep my head and ears warm while I walk to work. This hat does the job superbly and tucks into my bag when I don't need it. If you need a hat to wear when walking, hiking, or doing any other outdoor activities I recommend this one! November 6, 2014
Great for my husband, Meh for me My husband loves this hat, it fits his head perfectly and is warm and perfect for rigorous outdoor activities in Alaska. For me, I love the icrebreaker hats, but over a full head of hair (straight, but just a lot of it), it doesn't quite provide the coverage I want. November 5, 2014
Great fit It fits my head perfectly. It's exactly what I've been looking for. I have 2 hats now :-) icebreaker is my fav brand and people who work there are so kind October 26, 2014
Incredibly lightweight, warm, deals with sweat I hate sweaty, gross hats. Unfortunately, I deal with them a lot when I go walking in winter: no matter how I dress, I'm sweating ten minutes into a walk. Having a comfortable, all natural material makes an enormous difference. Doubling this up under another hat (however cute the Icebreaker hat, I'd also like to show off what I've knitted) promises for a warm(er), (more) comfortable frigid winter. September 28, 2014
Great Hat, pretty versatile fit very light/warm I have a smaller to average size head and the fit could be a little tighter, but I think most anyone would like this hat (unless you have a very large head). The hat is quite thin and lightweight, but I can tell it is extremely warm and very soft too. I'm going to be using it to wear under a helmet for cold/wet weather cycling and think it should fit the bill perfectly September 27, 2014
Brilliant hat - one of my essentials This hat rocks! Its incredibly warm for such a tiny thing. it looks fabulous and I am not really a hat lover (having long hair typically hats make my head itch). But this one is simply heaven! And the reversable is very very cool. I have the mooson/lucky and find the moosoon a really soft colour to wear. I wear it running, and for cold days. On the icy or gusty days, I wear under my other icebreaker hat. Very functional. This is the second pocket that i have purchased from icebreaker. This years one is even better than the last. I am not sure what they did but it seems to fit even better. Maybe its a bit longer than the older ones. (would be great if old models were still accessible on the website, and you could compare current model to old model, and see the change). August 28, 2014
Purrrrfect Hat I have several of these in different colours and love them all. Great fit, looks awesome, and provides adequate warmth for shoulder seasons. For the colder Canadian winters I put on the IB Mogul hat. August 11, 2014
Exactly as described, and doesn't itch Essentially, this hat fits in my pocket as small as my minimal gloves, is made of pure merino wool that doesn't itch my head like other hats do, and is low profile and doesn't overheat my head. It's perfect. I bought 2. March 18, 2014
Super warm! I love this hat! It keeps me warm without any bulk. I sleep in it or can wear it under another hat if I need to layer for added warmth while hiking in the cold. March 16, 2014
My go to beanie! I've had several of these. They are so good that my 10 & 9 year old sons have "borrowed" my spares. Now we sport these as a family any time we go out. They fit great, keep your head warm, stay non-funky and are reversible so you can match it to clothes. February 16, 2014
warm hat comfortable, warm hat. easy to stow in a pocket or glove compartment January 29, 2014
The Greatest Head Cover Ever I've used these Pocket 200's as cold weather head covers under my cycling helmet. Their temperature range is amazing. They last forever and never smell bad. I also wear them anytime when I go out in cold weather. They never make me too hot, even when I leave them on indoors. Stylish too. Simply a great product. January 3, 2014
Pocket hat is a must buy for nearly bald heads! My husband loves his pocket hat! He uses it in cold weather as a cap and under his hard hat when he is cutting wood. Nicely made and cozy to wear without any bulk. Priced right for excellent quality. January 2, 2014
Lightweight, comfortable Pros: Can scrunch really small to fit in a pocket easily. Lightweight. Warm enough for not-freezing weather. Less itchy than other wool cap I own. Thin enough to put a thicker wool beanie on top for colder weather. Cons: Just a little too small; earlobes exposed; needs to be about 1/2" longer to fully cover earlobes December 20, 2013
Versatile Hat This hat is great to throw on under my bike helmet for winter riding. December 17, 2013
Throw this hat into the ring This hat is great as an everyday hat and can fit in a pocket very easily. It is light but still provides a lot of warmth. This was one of the first purchases I made and will keep me buying for a long time. If you are looking for an everyday hat that will keep you warm and is small enough to fit into a pocket than this is it. December 16, 2013
DeeDee in Paris This is my second hat. Used the first hat for a spring trip to Paris, where the weather was in the 30's. kept me warm outside and I loved the look so kept it on indoors too. Great fit and very comfy so ordering #2! December 15, 2013
the perfect pocket hat warm, great fit, compact and reversible. what more could you want? December 13, 2013
Icebreaker in Ottawa I love this cap! It is warm and stuffs easily into my pocket when not in use. It attracted attention on Parliament Hill. Here a photo of me in front of the Canadian Parliament (East Block) wearing my Icebreaker cap. As you may know, Ottawa is one of the coldest national capitals in the world. December 11, 2013
Every bald guy needs one (or more) of these I was happily surprised that this hat kept my bald head warm walking around Chicago in the wind and high temps in the mid-20s. It also does great in mildly cold weather, under my bike helmet, for any outdoor activity in the cold, or just wearing around. Like the other Icebreaker products I own, it is temperature regulating, moisture wicking, and non-stink as advertised. I use it for so many activities that I just bought a third one. It's so comfortable that I hope for it to be even a little cool out so I have an excuse to wear it. Size: I have to adjust it on my head just right for it to cover my ear lobes. December 10, 2013
Coolest Hat Ever... that is according to my son, (and me too) who I purchased this hat for. The main reaon we bought it for him was because he kept wearing mine. It's looks great, the material is wonderful and it's warm. It's also easy to jam into a pocket when removed. I highly recommend this hat. December 9, 2013
Go to piece of gear Fits perfectly for a beanie, keeps your head warm without overheating, perfect weight (200g) for winter snowshoeing/hiking but could basically be used year-round. Awesome - I'm buying a 2nd one in a different colour. December 2, 2013
too small my head size is 7 1/4 or so (not _that_ big), and this hat is just too tight. I had an old sized one (large, I think: used to have multiple sizes) which I wore into dust. I miss that hat.... Otherwise this hat is a perfect light-medium weight hat. Note that the Chase Beanie seems to run _much_ larger (at least the one I have). November 23, 2013
Perfect cap for anywhere, any time By itself or under another cap, this is a great pocket hat. I keep it in my pocket three seasons of the year. So far, no one has complained about a smell. Maybe the ad is right, merino doesn't stink. November 20, 2013
Perfect beanie for me I love this hat because it fits over all of my ears, is thin enough to fit under a helmet, doesn't itch, and resists stinkiness. And the colors are great. November 19, 2013
My head is happy, but my ears are still red Love the hat. Looks and feel great. Just needs to be slightly larger to cover more of my ears. The bottom 2/3 of my ears are still exposed and I'd love to have them covered. Other than that, great hat and I love that is is reversible. November 13, 2013
warm soft and so stuffable full coverage, soft, warm and it stuffs in a pocket so you barely know it's there. November 7, 2013
Tweener Hat One size fit with no itch, which could make you twitch...Perfect Tweener Hat for Fall and Spring in Central NY. November 6, 2013
Nobody ever had too many pocket hats Yep, I have a few of these hats but still get tempted by more in different colours. Great to have the reversible options of bright colour or "low-key". My head is 21" and this hat fits me with a bit of space but not looking dopey. As other people have said, it dries quick, being made of too light layers rather than one thick layer. November 2, 2013
Perfect Hat Wonderfully thin, but at the same time warm. Love the colors. Great for travel and outdoor sports. November 1, 2013
Great hat! Got this for my husband after I really liked mine, and we are quite pleased. It's even cuter when our toddler wears it! Not at all bulky, but does the trick to keep you warm. October 31, 2013
Best cap ever This cap fits well and is so cozy it has become my favorite October 30, 2013
Size matters Overall I really like this hat. The fabric weight is just right and it certainly lives up to its name as it easily fits in your pocket. The reason for only 3 stars is the "one size fits all" description. My head is on the large size and this hat just barely fits. If the hat came in a slightly larger size then it would be a perfect 5 stars. October 30, 2013
I have two! I loved this hat so much, I got one for my partner as well. We use them mostly for cycling. The fit is nice and can completely cover your ears or can be doubled up for more of a beanie style. Love it! July 4, 2013
Good hat for spring Haven't worn this hat a lot yet (ordered it in June) but the fit is ok for my 22in noggin. Seems to cover my ears ok. It will be good for clearing brush in the fall and spring when a little something is needed on your head, but shouldn't cause overheating. June 27, 2013
Great for cold runs Perfect for cold weather jogs. Covers ears, doesn't slip off, keeps my head warm. Personally, I would only wear this hat when exercising. Unless you're the type of person that perpetually dresses as if you're heading to your next athletic endeavor, this hat does not cross over to everyday casual wear. March 20, 2013
Oustanding & Unrivaled I commute on my bike, trail run and boulder during the winter and this beanie is been first-class. It covers the ears, fits the over the head well, & without excess bulk - this comes in handy when wearing a helmet. I have had other name-brand beanies in the past, but this one doesn't itch, and being it's merino - doesn't stink. In regards to durability I have had the beanie for ~18 months and does not show signs of wear. I also own two icebreaker tops that serve as a baselayer during the cold months. I wear them almost every day during the winter and there are minimal signs of wear - I have owned one of the tops for ~6 yrs. March 19, 2013
Best Hat I Own Since I've bought this hat, I don't want to wear any other, bought another soon after. March 18, 2013
My new favorite Hat What a great hat for running in the cold weather. I don't like too much coverage, but sometimes I do need to take care of my head, and this hat does a great job. Just long enough to cover my ears without being too bulky and compact enough to tuck in a pocket if I need to vent. It's always a good sign to see the condensation on the outside when you take it off. March 18, 2013
My Go-To headwear I bought two of these, one for the outdoors and one for wearing to and from work. I love the warmth and wicking ability of this beanie and the bright colours. No merino product has ever bothered me, but when I'm super sweaty, my forehead does itch a bit. Not a big deal and not enough to go back to synthetic products. November 9, 2012
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