The TENCEL® fibre is a round cross-section with a smooth surface so when combined with the fine soft fibres of merino, it creates an incredibly comfortable soft fabric with beautiful drape.


Encourages evaporation to cool and dry. TENCEL® fibre is smooth and dry on the outside and holds moisture in its core, keeping the fabric dry to touch. The TENCEL® microfibres wick moisture through the fibre.


Bacterial growth on TENCEL® fibres is lower than on synthetic fibres, so unpleasant odour is minimized. TENCEL® also offers the best climate between textile and skin so the skin bacteria stays in balance.


TENCEL® is derived from the wood pulp of sustainably farmed eucalyptus trees. It’s also eco-friendly, thanks to the closed loop system where 99.5–99.8% of the solvent used to make TENCEL® is recycled.

By combining two natural fibres, merino and TENCEL®, this revolutionary fabric helps you move actively with a cooler and drier feeling.

Made for Adventure

Stay cool and dry all summer with the Sphere Short Sleeve Crewe, our best hot-weather tee. Equally at home on a long hot climb or an exotic, deserted beach, this lightweight, breathable tee combines the two natural fibres, merino and TENCEL®, to keep you cool, dry and comfortable whatever you’re doing. Plus, this clever blend dries faster than any other natural fibre.

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NZD $89.95
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NZD $44.95
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Made for Training

Eliminate the chill factor of wind and rain in our new, ultralight windbreakers. The combination of merino and TENCEL® in the Cool-Lite liner keeps you cool, dry and comfortable during activity, while the water resistant, outer shell protects you from the elements.

NZD $89.95

Made for Life

Featuring Cool-Lite technology, our new Kala dress and Compass shirts come with the extraordinary natural breathability, wicking and odour control benefits of merino, built-in. Made with TENCEL®, a sustainable wood fibre, this fabric is designed to provide a cooler feel.

NZD $149.95
NZD $169.95
NZD $99.95
NZD $99.95

“It’s moisture management properties make it a great fabric for active training and adventure styles, whilst its soft hand-feel and drape make it a great fabric for lifestyle pieces.”

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