Merino insulation
under water
repellent shell

Extreme warmth
to weight ratio

and A sustainable
alternative to down

Lighter and warmer, MerinoLoft is the low-bulk, machine washable evolution of the down jacket and the natural alternative to synthetic down.

Made for Adventure

Naturally versatile, the Ellipse is your new go-to adventure mid layer this spring. The Ellipse is a lightweight jacket offering an exceptional combination of warmth and breathability. Featuring panels of MerinoLOFT technology, the Ellipse delivers natural warmth through wool fibre insulation which will keep you warm even when wet.

NZD $249.95
NZD $319.95
NZD $299.95
NZD $249.95
NZD $299.95

Made for Training

Our new hybrid styles bring the advanced technology of MerinoLOFT into lighter designs to provide the perfect insulation for training. These designs combine insulated paneling with jersey fabric to deliver warmth and movement.

NZD $259.95
NZD $349.95
NZD $399.95

Made for Life

Featuring MerinoLOFT technology, our Stratus styles deliver natural warmth through wool fibre insulation. Stratus brings outdoor style and everyday resilience to your wardrobe.

“The aim was to design a product that at it’s core reflected our roots in merino and bring a new level of cold weather performance and insulation that is both highly functional and extremely versatile”

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